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Hi there and welcome to our FREE DOWNLOADS PAGE
Basically, when we were going through some old stuff before we moved
we came across some old Demo's, so due to the extra site space we have at the moment
we have decided to make them available to download from this page FOR FREE!

Please remember though that THESE ARE DEMO'S NOT "FINISHED PRODUCT" so
they can sound a bit hollow with no production on them etc. It is quiet interesting though
looking back over these "bare bones" compared to what they normally turn into.

Anyway, click on any of the selections below to download that track as an mp3 and then
play them on your default media browser at your leisure!

(Please note that WE OWN THE COPYRIGHT on these tracks, so please remember that regarding using these songs for anything other
than personal use)
Click here to DOWNLOAD "Nothing's Changed" (Demo) FOR FREE!
Click here to DOWNLOAD "Best Time....." (Demo) FOR FREE!
Click here to DOWNLOAD "Feels Like Yesterday" (Demo) FOR FREE!
Click here to DOWNLOAD "Ordinary Girl" (Demo) FOR FREE!
Click here to DOWNLOAD "Jane (Unplugged)" (Demo) FOR FREE!