Dean James' musical involvement began at the age of 6
when he was invited to join one of the top youth brass bands in the U.K.
It was obvious from the
first moment that Dean had a natural talent for music
& by the time he left school he had toured the U.K. &
Germany,released an album with the brass band
& performed at The Royal Albert Hall,whilst working
his way up The Royal Schools of Music grading system
(first on Tenor Horn & then Euphonium) & passing
Music 'O' Level. 
As he reached his teens the inevitable interest in Pop
Music began & he borrowed a double bass from school
and became a member of 'Skilbo Kaikillius Wilkins & the
Rockin' Skidmarks' who recorded thier first demo in the
guitarists bedroom.
After a few stints of busking they went their separate....
Dean James
.....ways with Hayden & Railton forming 'The Lizard Kings' while Dean learnt 5 chords in as many weeks,bought a
fuzzbox and burst on to the gig scene with 'The Napalm Children' who's debut in front of 350 people ended with £300
of damage to the venue & 1 guitar slung across the stage.(Oh the good old days!)
2 more gigs & 2 more smashed guitars,'The Napalm Children' were no more but a reputation was beginning to be
earnt on the gig scene.Relaunched as 'Stalag Luft' more gigs ensued & after they were joined by Mike Hibbard on lead
guitar (ex brother in-law to the bass player from 'Hot Chocolate') Dean changed from guitar to vocals & 'Strange love
Affair' was born.As their popularity grew they bagan to get critical acclaim with people such as Rory the Lion from animal quackers saying that Dean was "One of the most talented young performers I have come across" & "Wycombes
answer to Adam Faith"! They were then invited to be the house band at 'Pontons Music Club' & the "Strange love Affair Live" video was recorded.
Due to problems with lineup changes the band split wth Dean becoming compere at 'Pontons' whilst making guest appearances for the likes of 'Candyfloss T.V.','The Cesspit Rebels' & 'Passion Tide' & performingunplugged.
After a chance meeting with an old school friend Dean was invited to become frontman for indie band 'Moosehead' as they began to gig in London & he also appeared on their self titled album.Unfortunately the guys writing the songs for 'Moosehead' were having problems with not having so much of the spotlight anymore so citing "musical differences"
as an excuse,Dean was disgarded by them but while he teamed up with Ryland Smith (ex frontman for 'Candyfloss T.V.) to mind attack the audience vianew project 'The Burning', Mooseheads audiences dwindled & within months they were no more.
Eventually,after years of non stop gigs/rehearsals/writing etc. Dean was beginning to feel jaded & so decided to quit 'The Burning' & turn his back on music - or so he thought!
After a chance meeting through non-league football with Tom Keylock (ex Rolling Stones, The Who, Bob Dillon....), a working friendship began to form & Dean decided (with Toms help) to turn to his hand to artist developement instead of performing himself & became involved with 'Paul Linn'(who lost out on a deal at Sony to Jamiroquai - can't say I blame them!),Trevor Tall & the Shades of Colour Band' & boy band 'INsatiable/JCW'(both featuring James Corden -  The History Boys,Fat Friends,Dafyyd's brother in "Little Brittain",Gavin & Stacey....) culminating in a sell out gig to 2500 people an Londons 'Equinox' nightclub before they all went off to persue their separate acting careers.During this time Dean also began building his own recording facilities.
By now the performing bug was beggining to surface again & so with the help of Andy brewer,Rob Wilson & Sir Russellus Zac Jacobs Strange love Affair(Mk 2)  was born.After supporting the likes of 'The Sweeney' & Norways 'Snow Dogs' they began to generate interest from people inside the music industry and this led to them being signed to a small indie label where they released the "But you're not there" Album followed by the 'Ordinary Girl' E.P. They also decided to record a promotional video for  the song 'Feels like Yesterday'.With those commercial releases under his belt Dean became a P.R.S. member & joined The British Academy of Composers & Songwriters.After that the guys decided to persue their own projects & Dean was invited to become a member of 'The Serious writers Guild' by Dec Cluskey(of Batchelors fame) so he has been working more as a writer than a performer although he does still occasionally make live appearances.
More recently Dean has been helping Tom with his involvement  in projects such as "The Brian Jones Memorial Concert" (featuring stars such as Donovan,Noel Redding,Mick Avery,Dave Clarke,Dick Heckstall-Smith,Brain Knights....),the Mick Jagger biography "Primitive Cool" by  Chis Sandford (also biographer of Eric Clapton,Kurt Cobain,David Bowie,Sting,Bruce Springsteen & Steve McQueen) & "Who Killed Christopher Robin" by Terry Rawlins which was adapted & released as the movie "Stoned" (directed by Nick Wooley & starring actor Dave Morrisey) late last year.He has also spent time working on gigs with the likes of Travis,Snow Patrol & Keane as they began to build toward the chart success they now enjoy.
On the more musical side of things Dean has recently been writing material for The Eurovision Song Contest and 'The Geordie Boys' (Jimmy Nails backing band) and was recently a semi-finalist in The U.K. Songwriting Contest. He is currently promoting his latest work across mainland Europe & The U.S.A.
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