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Initially formed in 2003 as a publishing platform for songwriter Dean James
we have now expanded to 3 acts on our roster:
Dean James, Pulse & Mine's a Pint.

For info on any of these artists please click on the links to the left.
+++Latest News!+++Latest News!+++Latest News!+++Latest News!+++Latest News!+++
Due to the success of Mine's a Pint "Come on England" (The "Official Homemade" England World Cup Song For Germany 2006),
discussions are now under way regarding a Mine's a Pint Christmas Song for release later in the year.
Please check back nearer the time for more info.
Hi everyone,
Sorry it's been such a long time since the last update but unfortunately I suffer from occasional health problems so sometimes things take a little longer than planned.Anyway to keep you up to date with what's been going on the Mine's a Pint Christmas Song had to be cancelled due to the aforementioned health problems but the good news is Dean James has released his latest tune "Stay Forever" as a download single at arkade.com so click to the link on the left and have a listen.He is currently promoting his material across mainland Europe.
  Thanks for dropping by,hopefully there will be some exciting stuff to report on very soon.

Hi everyone,
Great news,the Dean James single "Stay Forever" is going to recieve airplay on a new radio station being launched in May 2007 in The Cotswolds area of the U.K. called JACOBSLADDER.ORG.UK. For more info and to find how to tune into this station please follow this link to www.northcotswoldonline.com

Hi everyone,
Just to keep you posted the Dean James song "Stay Forever" Has been entered both in The 12th Annual USA Songwriting  Competition & The UK Songwriting Contest with results due later in the year.If anything exciting happens I will be sure to let you know!
Also at some point in the next month or so we will be launching "Strangewear" a collection of t-shirts to compliment the acts on our roster.Check back soon for info/images.
Hi everybody,
Blimey it's been a long time since the last update so I do apologise but there is plenty to catch up on!
Basically since the last update I have moved house twice(!) and the studio has been on shutdown so I guess that counts as a reasonable excuse =).
Anyway to get you up to scratch with what happened after the last time, the good news is that although both "Stay Forever" & "Stay Forever" (Unplugged) didn't get anywhere in The 12th Annual U.S.A. Songwriting Contest (I didn't think it was particularly suited to the U.S. market style wise to be honest) we were very pleased to find that both versions made the semi-finals of The U.K. Songwriting Contest, which was great. As regards the t-shirts they were a victim of said moves plus the fact that after the artwork was finished we found that due to the designs being so complicated they weren't commercially viable as was, so they are on the back burner for the moment, plus with the England football teams failure to qualify for Euro 2008 it made releasing a "Mine's a Pint"  t-shirt alongside a new version of "Come on England" a bit daft, maybe if they qualify for the next World Cup...........
As for more recent happenings, although we were always sure that "Stay Forever" was a mighty fine love song we have been surprised by the requests we get from people to use it as their wedding song so it's nice to know it touches the right parts! We have also decided to have one last go with it competition wise so it is currently being re-mixed before we enter it for "The John Lennon Songwriting Contest" towards the end of the year.
Finally there is a possibility that Dean James may get a chance to feature in an X-Factor type television programme that is due to start being filmed in the autumn, so at the moment we are awaiting discussions with the producers to see if we can get something going. The only other thing is there may soon be a personal Myspace page for Dean James so he can have a good old whine and we may post some of his earlier demo's on it.
Thanks for your patience and speak to you soon people,

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Hi everybody,
Just to let you know we've spent the last week re-vamping the website so as well as
having a few Flash slideshows plus background music on relevant pages there
are now links at the top of certain pages so you can download samples of both
"Stay Forever" & "Stay Forever" (Unplugged) direct from us to your PC for FREE
so you can have a listen at your leisure(!!!) plus links to where you can download
the entire song.
We have also added a FREE DOWNLOADS page featuring some old demo's we
found recently so follow the link on the left and enjoy!
Hi everyone,
Just a quick one to let you know that we have now launched RINGTONES for both
"Stay Forever" and "Come on England" so just click on the relevant link to download
yours. We are also now part of the live stream at Arkade.com & WE NEED YOUR VOTE
on the TDK MIX so please CLICK HEREto vote for Dean James and let the world know
how great he is!  

Hi everybody,
Thought it was about time for another update so here goes! Unfortunately I must admit business has been pretty crap lately, apart from the fact that we didn't get invited to The Clonmel International Songwriting Contest for a start it looks like there's nothing happening with that X-Factor type programme we mentioned a little while ago either. I must admit we shouldn't be that surprised about that as it's the sort of thing that happens in all parts of the entertainment industry quite often (like when Dean James was due to appear on a Channel 4 programme that never got off the ground) as these great ideas get thought up & researched but when it's time to stump the money up to get things started it all grinds to a halt, especially with the world economy being what it is at the moment! Finally (they do say bad luck comes in threes!) we have a major fault in the recording studio at the moment so only half of it is functioning, bugger!
On the up side the new year should be quite good as we will be putting together some material for the Film/T.V. market plus on a non musical not we are currently working with Tom Keylock to get some previousely unseen photos of The Rolling Stones from the sixties featured in a new museum about them which will soon be opening in Luchow in Germany so there is light at the end of the tunnel! If you would like any more info on this please visit their website at www.rockandartmuseumluechow.de

Hi everyone,
Thought it was about time for a quick update so here we are..... Apart from some studio upgrades & updating the links page with things such as The Vicars of Twiddly (Oxford/London & the South Easts premier surf rock band) we have spent most of the time doing such mundane things as ringtone editing with a view to getting them distributed by bigger companies such as Jamster etc. Also, due to the fact that The Violet Hour album "The First Sermon" is about to get a re-release (on either Cherry Red or Sony) in the near future we will have lead singer Doris Brendel laying down some ideas in the studio as she is hoping to go to a larger facility later on & then release an album of her own solo work later in the year. For any more info please go to either the fan site www.myspace.com/whereistheviolethour or Doris' homepage www.myspace.com/dbdriving.

Hi everybody,
Just to keep you posted with what's going on we are currently playing with some in
house mastering software as it looks as if both versions of "Stay Forever" by Dean James
are going to get a release on i-Tunes as a download single courtesy of Academy Records
sometime in the autumn so things are beginning to look up :-) Once we have a release date
we will be sure to post it here. (I must admit it will be interesting to see how it fares on the
worlds largest online music distributor). In fact if there is anyone out there with a film
production company looking for a suitable piece of background music for a romantic scene
then let us know as we think that "Stay Forever" (unplugged) would be great for just such
a task (and of course it's a great way to get a song promoted!).
With all that out of the way we are then going to be concentrating on Pulse a bit more,
especially as we've just invested in some great soft synths(!) plus there's a nasty rumour
that there may be a return for "Come on England" with another world cup approaching!
Have a great summer,

Hi everyone,
The masters have been sent & the contracts have been signed so we can proudly
announce that the provisional release date for the "Stay Forever" download single on
i-Tune (courtesy of Academy Recordings) will be Monday 9th of November - Just in time
to creep up the chart to be Christmas Number 1(!) Ha Ha Ha!
With this in mind we will be starting a Dean James Myspace page so when that's ready
why not come & visit to listen to some samples & join his friends list.
Finally we would like to say thank you to everyone who has helped this project
get to this point.

Hi everybody,
We would like to announce that we now have a Myspace page at
to help promote the i-Tunes single "Stay Forever" by Dean James being released on
9th November. Please CLICK HERE or on the links to the left to pay a visit & listen
to samples, plus if you have a Myspace account we would really appreciate it if
you joined the friends list.
Many thanks
Hi everyone,
We just wanted to express our sincerest thanks to Marlow FM,for being the first U.K. radio
station to confirm airplay for the Dean James single "Stay Forever (Unplugged)". (Starting
with every hour on the hour this Friday then repeatedly through the week on various of
their programmes) We are also negotiating with 107.8 Radio Jackie, Juice 107.2, High
Peak Radio, Lanarkshire's L107 & the Lincs FM Group (Compass FM, Dearne FM, KCFM 99.8 ,
Lincs FM 102.2, Oak FM, Ridings FM, Rother FM, Rutland Radio & Trax FM) plus we are hoping
for a bit of luck with Radio 2 (either "Wake up to Wogan" or "Sunday Love Songs" with
Steve Wright) so things are definitely looking up at the moment!

Hi everybody,
Well it's been a little while since the last update, mainly because we decided to take some time off
to do things like help race vintage Austin 7's all over the u.k. but here goes anyway....
Starting with "Stay Forever", after an initial problem with the release it is available worldwide
as a download single & hasn't been doing to badly so we were cheeky enough to put it forward for
an Ivor Novello Award nomination earlier in the year although it didn't get very far! (I know it's a bit
cheeky but if you get a chance like that......!)
During his spare time Dean James has also been playing euphonium for Marlow Town Band as a
way of getting back into reading sheet music which has been good fun & recently culminated in
him becoming the worlds first(?) euphonium playing Elvis impersonator!  (He also performs
occasionally for "The Vicars of Twiddly" dressed as a member of the Salvation Army!) 
Mine's a pint resurfaced as well with an updated version of "Come on England" for the 2010
FIFA World Cup but probably only performed marginally better than the England Football Team did
at the tournament - not hard I know ha ha!
As for the future we are going to go back on to the international songwriting circuit as new work has
been a bit lacking since the sad death of our agent (In fact earning money seems to be pretty
impossible nowadays, unless you're up Simon Cowell's bum!) plus there will be a release from Pulse
& some tour dates sometime next year.
Before we go we would also like to wish our friend Doris Brendel good luck with the release of her
new album which is due out tomorrow. :-)

Happy Anniversary Everyone!
Would you believe we've been trading for ten years(!) we didn't think it would last
ten minutes at the time but boy has the music industry changed beyond all recognition
over that period, although all in all I must say the bad times have been bloody awful but the good
times have been truly fabulous!
Anyway here's a few bits & pieces for you - Dean James has finally given in to professional
networking so you can now find him on "Linkedin" & he has recently been involved in something
we weren't expecting - doing some audio book work for The British Dyslexia Association.
Songwriting has had to take a bit of a back seat as well because he has turned his hand to being
an Industrial/EBM nightclub d.j. with a residency at "Electrocute" at The Face Bar in Reading plus
the occasional guest slot at places such as "Intrusion" in Oxford & "Industrial Fallout" in
Southampton under the moniker of "D.J.Krieg". You can check out samples from some of his sets
on his new "Soundcloud" page plus as an added bonus we've posted "You're so beautiful" by
Pulse on the same page.
Best wishes to all & speak soon,